in an Exotic Location with Fun People!

Do you dread the idea of going on yet another diet? Do you sometimes just give in and eat the food that everyone is eating because it is quick and easy? Do you ever feel a lack of motivation and make poor food choices even though your higher self knows better? Do you ever feel the environment and the peers you are surrounded by are not supportive of your weight loss goals? Breakthrough ALL of these barriers and more on a Weight Loss Beach Resort vacation. Weight Loss Beach Resort is where weight loss becomes fun and effortless. You will be surrounded by supportive and encouraging coaches and participants 24 hours a day. Imagine leaving your home for a vacation and coming back refreshed, healthy and fit. Come home weighing less and with the tools and plan to keep it off for good.

Weight Loss Beach Resorts are custom all-inclusive vacations in which the activities, classes, exercises, play-times, and meals are all geared towards having you lose weight and keep it off.

A typical day in the life of a Weight Loss Beach Resort:

  • Wake up leisurely
  • Enjoy a healthy breakfast or smoothie
  • Café style coffee and tea station
  • Morning walk, or exercise class
  • Relaxation on resort grounds – lay out by pool or read
  • Lunch & Learn – healthy lunch paired with education on techniques that keep you slender for a lifetime
  • Your choice of outing (shopping, kayaking or boat tour)
  • Far Infrared Sauna or Med-Spa treatment
  • Evening walk, hike, or yoga
  • Healthy dinner with meal planning and cooking demo
  • Evening fun time with your choice of movies, or go out dancing

We also offer custom Weight Loss Beach Resort options:

  • Juice Fasts
  • Private VIP Weight Loss Guarantee Programs
  • We can handle a groups, brides to be, etc.