Kick Sugar to the Curb

Get Ready to... Kick Sugar to the Curb

Is it time to break-up with sugar?

  • Are you sick of being ruled by the temptation of sugar day in and day out?
  • Are you ready to see the weight fall off and feel more energy?
  • Are you ready to stop being dependent on sugar to get through the day?  

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I am on a mission to give you all of the motivation and information you need to get sugar out of your life for once and all. 

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About the Author

The best way to describe Sarina Brown is she is a cross between Jillian Michaels and Oprah Winfrey. The 50/50 mix justifies why she is not as lean as Jillian! As inventor of the FortyTeen lifestyle, she continually researches and acts on everything possible in the world of anti-aging. Not the plastic surgery branch of anti-aging, but the holistic mind-body-spirit good stuff. She helps clients who want to look hot, have fun, and never grow old. Her upcoming book, “FortyTeen, The Secrets of Eternal Youth” is the world’s most complete how-to book on staying young no matter how many actual years you have under your belt. Sarina provides supportive, yet no-nonsense coaching to those who want to successfully live a long, happy and healthy life. Delve into the FortyTeen lifestyle and you will find yourself making great choices, creating new habits to look and feel younger.