Eat Like You Want to Look Great Naked!

One of the essential principles of the FortyTeen lifestyle is caring greatly about the quality of what we stuff into our faces. Food is not only the fuel that our bodies run on, it is what we are made of. If you eat what the mainstream folk eat, you will look like them, feel like them, and get run down over time just like them. Let’s not go that route, let’s get nude…and look great doing it.

When we stop eating total shit processed plastic foods, and just eat God-given naturally occurring foods that were not fabricated in a laboratory off the New Jersey Turnpike, we automatically begin to achieve improved health and vitality. Whenever choosing whole foods, use this basic guideline – think handmade, not machine made.

A whole food diet is a great start, but Nude Food is even better, consisting of only plant based foods in their pure, raw form. Nude Foods are a vast array of veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds that are prepared in variety of dishes, but never heated above 115°F. The most basic form of Nude Food would be a salad with pure homemade High quality salad dressing made from raw ingredients. And the sky is the limit from that starting point. I have served entire 5 course dinner parties of only raw Nude Foods. I have subsided on only raw foods for 30 day intervals many times. You can do this. Please use the below resources to assist you in having the best possible Nude Food journey.