Hey, Turns out fitness can be fun!

Movement comes naturally to youths. They wiggle, goof off and play all day long, they literally can’t sit still. They run, climb, throw stuff around, and laugh a lot. Laughter is a great form of exercise by the way.

Somewhere along the line between youth and adulthood we stop moving. I don’t know exactly what happens, maybe adults tell us to settle down one too many times. Maybe our full time jobs and life stressors take over and slow us down. This is unacceptable, as movement is the catalyst that keeps our bodies, minds, and spirits as youthful and happy as possible.

With the FortyTeen lifestyle, you get moving again. Playfully, naturally, with fun and ease.

Come and jump, skip, play and find fun in sport and exercise in the FortyTeen lifestyle. Join in for a class, a fitness retreat or a custom fitness plan for you. We focus on the following categories of fitness of which you can pick the one or more that appeal the most to you.

  • Standing workstations and natural movement throughout the whole day
  • Sports
  • Hobbies that move you
  • CrossFit for beginners and beyond
  • Yoga and workout meditations
  • Play
  • Becoming the super hero of your choice

If any of the above sound enticing then all there is to do is get started, read the book FortyTeen, get coaching or sign up for a retreat.