Society Says We Must Age Gracefully,
I Say Screw Society!

Sarina Brown was born and raised in Colorado. She excelled in academics, particularly the sciences. She had a well-rounded life including friends, sports, hobbies and a natural propensity to being a “foodie”. Her favorite toy as a child was the Betty Crocker Easy-Bake Oven, and by age 13 was the youngest entrepreneur in Colorado, as owner of a cake decorating business.

She would take orders for cakes over the telephone, people having no idea of her age. Customers would ring the doorbell and when Sarina answered the clients would say, “Is your mother home? I am here to pick up a cake.” Sarina was met with extremely worried looks when she announced she was the cake-smith, and relief when the customers found a professionally decorated cake. The bakery business started Sarina on a path of food obsession. After cakes she went on to work at an Italian restaurant, a Greek restaurant, and then during college for a gourmet catering company. She gained the “freshman fifteen” and then some.

Her love of food, fun and hospitality took her in the direction of entering college to get a business degree with a major in restaurant management. Her first year at the university, tragedy struck her family as her Mom passed away after years of battling cancer. The loss of her mom at such a young age profoundly altered the course of her life as Sarina began to research and experiment with living a life of health, and preventative wellness.

Sarina was recruited to a fancy hotel chain in Chicago upon graduating at the top of her class from University of Denver. In Chicago she froze her ass off, and worked her ass off in what basically resulted in a below minimum wage career choice. She worked 60 hour weeks and after two promotions was still near poverty level.

Being in the corporate world of management did not easily mesh with a lifestyle of preventative health and wellness. After feeling empty and worn out in the corporate world of hotel and restaurant management and reflecting on the death of her mother, Sarina set out on a commitment and a life’s mission to gather as much knowledge and experience about staying youthful and healthy as possible. Part of the decision to change, and a yearning for sunshine in her life led her to move to hottest place she could find…Phoenix Arizona (110 degrees in the shade).

Once settled in Arizona, she began pursuing in earnest her new commitment for health and wellness. This was not an instant success story by any stretch of the imagination. She found almost every obstacle, every excuse and every broken shortcut. A year here or there may have even been lost somewhere in a haze. But the commitment ended up winning over the whining, sniveling “foodie” Sarina who wanted to be lazy and eat ice cream on the couch.

Sarina broke a plateau when she began working in chiropractic wellness clinics, and got her personal training and CrossFit certifications shortly thereafter. She also began again to practice her whole food raw culinary skills that she had been trained extensively on in Chicago. All this good stuff really came together for Sarina as she hit her 40s, and she felt amazing. She realized that the general population of peers were not feeling totally amazing, and everyone was starting to bitch about aging. God whispered in Sarina’s ear that it was time for a new conversation in this world for her and her peers. Shortly thereafter the word “FortyTeen” literally popped into her head with no warning.

From that moment on, it has been a whirlwind of green smoothies, yoga and think tanks in an adventure to try to find the best ways to stay vibrant, lively and youthful. Then Sarina realized that only in sharing these adventures with the world, would she have any real and lasting change.

By writing “FortyTeen, The Secrets of Eternal Youth” Sarina created a permanent go to guide that she and others could use to successfully navigate living a long, happy, healthy life. Sarina goes through the exact same struggles to be healthy and fit as do her readers and clients. She believes that when people come together to share information, motivation and camaraderie that they all find themselves happier and healthier. By coaching people in the FortyTeen principles, Sarina and others have daily reminders of the importance of self-care and the importance of making great choices. Sarina loves to bond with others on the natural wellness journey and to help people create new habits and structures for having a renewed sense of peace in life. You can find Sarina in Arizona, or join her on retreats to beach destinations where she leads groups of people in fitness or weight-loss retreats and anti-aging vacations.